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  • Elle Sten

15 delicious things I make every fall!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Favorite go-to recipes this time of year, year after year. The coziest and fun family favorite recipes that are asked for and looked forward to as the leaves change. Here are the best fall recipes:

1.Rachel Ray's Pretzel Crusted Chicken

A fall classic I make at least once each year. A nod to German cuisine without being full blown schnitzel, the same concept applies. Served with her cheddar mustard sauce, a pickle, and usually my German potato salad or German spätzle.
Recipe here.

My German great-grandmother would tell you that a good crust can only be achieved in a cast iron. The secret to a good crust with this recipe is the egg only wash, and a double dip and dredge. I like to first dip in the fine crushed up pretzels, dip in egg, and then dredge once again in the larger pretzel pieces.

2. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

A fall breakfast must. Topped with toasted pecans, pumpkin whipped cream, and served with bacon is a family loved favorite.

Simply start with any boxed pancake/ waffle mix. Mix together 2 C of mix, 1/2 C canned pumpkin, 1 tsp Pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 C water, 2 TBSP vegetable oil. Mix together (will be thick and lumpy) and add to preheated and oiled waffle iron. Top with toasted pecans if desired. Enjoy!

Optional for serving:
Pumpkin whipped cream
1 Cup heavy cream
1/3 cup canned pumpkin
1TBSP powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon

For topping my pumpkin pecan waffles, or at home pumpkin lattes. AMAZING! Chef's kiss. Makes ordinary breakfast and coffee seasonal and special. Simply scrumptious!

3. Smoked Gouda cheese dip/ Fondue

Usually one I make for fondue night along with a classic cheddar-based fondue. The most flavorful cheese dip perfect for dipping pretzels, meat and veggies in. Recipe here.

4. Jack-o-lantern stuffed bell peppers

The original Pinteresty recipe I ever made. They are so cute to do in orange bell peppers. Pre-baking before stuffing and baking will ensure a nice texture for the peppers, even if the Jack-o-lantern faces start to sag a bit.

5. Quick dulce de leche caramel dip

I make mine in a mason jar not in a can to avoid toxins from the can leaching in to my caramel. A fun fall treat to enjoy with freshly picked apples, sliced and served in a small dish. Recipe here.

6. Roasted broccoli and cheddar soup

A lighter take on broccoli cheese soup, roasted broccoli is so flavorful! While traditional broccoli and cheese soup is creamy and indulgent, this soup is chicken broth based. The roasted broccoli packs a flavorful punch and cream is not missed. Kids love it, I love it, and this one might stick around all year.

Served with toasty sourdough and a sprinkle of extra cheese. From MyFitnesspal blog.

7. Pretzel bun ham and Havarti sliders

Another Oktoberfest inspired classic! Caramelized onions, black forest ham, Havarti cheese melted on toasted pretzel buns make a simple dinner that can be tailored to any size group.

Served with charcuterie, German inspired fare, and my Maple Bacon toasted brussels sprouts.

8. German potato salad

First discovered in The Official Destiny Cookbook, this quickly became a classic. No mayo which I love, but instead bacon, lemon juice, vinegar and Dijon flavor this salad. Perfect to compliment Oktoberfest dishes.

I had to get a Destiny recipe in here. Last time I made this we did a full-blown Oktoberfest with the German inspired recipes. That experience was here.

9. Baked spaghetti squash

Keto-friendly recipe, delicious side dish, or even main. The baked texture is exquisite, and delicious with mozzarella cheese. Traditional pasta won't even be missed when prepared right!

Simply halve a spaghetti squash and drizzle inside with olive oil. Place with a cookie sheet, bake for 40 minutes at 400. Shred and remove seeds, top with mozzarella or any cheese, sprinkle with seasoning and bread crumbs as desired, return to oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbly. Enjoy!

10. Pork belly ramen/ Tonkatsu Ramen

12 hour broth, Costco pork belly. Worth it all.

Alternatively: A pre-made soup base and a fall hot pot made in the fondue pot. Similar ingredients to ramen, and a fun interactive family dinner.

11. Halloween nachos and spooky pizza

Cookie cutter shapes and veggies to look like Halloween-ie things. This a quick and easy thing to make Halloween night or for a Halloween movie night. Kid-friendly in taste and making!
I'm someone who is grossed out by things that look like fingers, eyeballs or other body parts. Spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins however add a nice Halloween touch to simple dishes

Pumpkin shaped-pizza with a basil-topped stem and strategically placed pepperoni.
Dollops of ricotta topped with sliced olives make for a ghostly pizza!
Whole olives make good bodies for bats and spiders. Sliecd olives cut in half make good legs and wings for bats and spiders.

12. Toffee treats

Fall is for toffee. The buttery brown sugar is perhaps what I look forward to most when I think of fall desserts. My most recent iteration of toffee is this toffee crack I discovered on Facebook. Recipe here.

Enjoyed with a toffee nut latte from Starbucks.

In the past, I've done all sorts of toffee bars and candies. One that sticks out was this treebark toffee, crackled and scored chocolate topped to resemble pieces of tree bark. That version is here.

13. Maple bacon toasted brussels sprouts

I don't like maple overkill especially with veggies (never again squash), but this one is perfectly balanced. Toasty and nutty flavors balance the sweetness of the maple this and make it one of my favorite fall side dishes.
Recipe here.

14. Chili

Oldie, easy goodie. I love topped with cheese, red onion, and served with cornbread and honey. It has to be cool enough to make and eat this simple dish, and almost exclusively eaten on rainy nights.

Dinner one night and lunch the next day. I keep it simple with ground beef, black and kidney beans, onions, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, a touch of lime juice, a bit of chopped jalapeño, cumin and chili powder. Served with cornbread and butter, a can't-be-beat fall classic.

15. Pot roast

The most hearty of the fall foods. Many years of making, I've found I prefer the Dutch oven to the crockpot. I like to do onion, carrot, and potatoes with the beef. Thyme and red wine lead the flavor. Each year I look forward to the temperature cooling enough for pot roast and a fire in the fireplace.

Fork tender fall apart. The ultimate comfort food.

Enjoy the most wonderful food time of year!

Be well,


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