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Central Coast Pumpkin Patches

The Patch

Santa Maria, CA

Truly a hidden gem, you have to know it's there to go and find it. They do have a Facebook page, but word-of-mouth is how people trek down the ranches at the end of old Orcutt to find The Patch. Five dollars to park, entirely student run. This place was a fun patch to go through in less than an hour. 

There are lots of spots for photo-ops, and a student worker readily available to offer to take your photo!


It costs 5 dollars per car to park, but the bounce house, inflatable slide, giant connect 4 , and giant blocks are free!

There is a corn maze at the top that is pay to go through, and a haunted walk that is indoors this year and free.

This year in the center they have picnic tables with umbrellas as well. It truly has the classic central coast "winery" feel for outdoor picnicing.

unnamed - 2020-10-26T105739.374.jpg
unnamed - 2020-10-26T105222.837.jpg

Near the entrance is the "spooky walk", a path outlined with hay bales and marked with flags, with an inflatable Frankenstein monster at the beginning. Different Halloween themed characters can be encountered throughout, from

Minions to Mickey. In the center is a giant tractor, again perfect for a photo. The toddler loved it!

unnamed - 2020-10-26T110107.238.jpg

The Patch was wagon friendly, with some gravel that was hard to maneuver. Just before sunset turned out to be the perfect time and lighting to go!


unnamed - 2020-10-26T105744.202.jpg

In the center was the stacks of hay bales for climbing and taking pictures. A lovely display of pumpkins of different colors and the beautiful mountains behind made the best photo spot!

unnamed - 2020-10-26T105216.458.jpg

There was a farm stand with cute fall decorations near the "top", as The Patch is on an incline. Fun to walk through and read all about their program!

unnamed - 2020-10-26T105121.283.jpg

Zeller's Pumpkin Patch

Lompoc, CA 


Grown and run by a family, this little patch has reasonably priced pumpkins and the purchases support the kids' college funds. Jack was thrilled to stroll around the field and collect sticks and look at pumpkins.

At the stand they sell local honey and baby chicks! Jack was so excited to see the "birds", one of his words he loves saying.

unnamed - 2020-10-26T110200.738.jpg
unnamed - 2020-10-10T153400.627.jpg
unnamed - 2021-10-12T155530.492.jpg

We bought several small pumpkins, including this one Jack found and a small squash that looked like a turtle!

Second year we got this "prize winner" with some small white round ones and a yellow mystery squash.

unnamed - 2021-10-16T223703.697.jpg
unnamed - 2021-10-16T223651.416.jpg

Organic farms, Buellton

The scenery here is gorgeous! Must stop if heading into Solvang.

I love filling my porch with a collection of pumpkins and other squash from different patches. It's a fun quick outing with the kids, and my toddler loves choosing a pumpkin to buy.

Other Patches we have yet to explore...

U-pick Blueberries Santa Maria, CA

The Solvang Farmer Pumpkin Patch

Willow Pumpkin Patch, Nipomo CA

and of course, the can't miss Avila Valley Barn

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