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  • Elle Sten

What to dip in fondue

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A tradition the first Friday of official fall. Here's what to serve with fondue.

1 high quality meat

Filet mignon, just one filet is enough. You want something tender and an easy one-bite dipping food. Other quality cuts of steak are good, as are pork tenderloin or grilled chicken breast. Make sure everything is fully cooked before cutting and serving!
  • filet mignon

  • chicken breast

  • pork tenderloin

  • ribeye

  • top sirloin

  • New york steak

1 cheaper meat, sausage etc.

We use hot links, but any sausage or weenie works!
  • cocktail weenies or lil' smokies

  • hot links

  • cheese dogs

  • andouille sausage

  • chicken apple sausage

2 veggies

Examples, brussels sprouts, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, broccoli, zucchini sticks etc. I like a green and some color!

3 starches

I love potato, cut into bite-sized chunks and roasted with some olive oil, pretzel balls, and sourdough ripped into small pieces. A dark bread, lighter bread, and starchy veggie is a good rule of thumb.


1.Pickled items like pickles, cocktail onions, olives, or baby corn are good options. We switch it up each year but went with pickles and baby corn.
2. Apples or other fruit, some people LOVE fruit with cheese. Apples are a popular choice as are pineapples. I save my fruit for dessert but if it's your palette go ahead!

I always make a white fondue, my favorite cheese dip recipe and a classic cheddar-based fondue in my melting pot.

Favorite recipe here:

The best fondue pot is here, the perfect size, good for a group or just two, and melts cheese quickly. Get it here:

Tip: Try chocolate fondue! Some baker's chocolate or chocolate chips, a little heavy cream. I also use my pot for candy melts for treat dipping. Works perfectly and doesn't burn your chocolate!

I hope you enjoy your fondue night! Let me know what you like to eat with fondue.

Be well,


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