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  • Elle Sten

Falloween fun

This is the limbo week pre-Halloween, but not officially Halloweek (the week leading up to Halloween.)

Last year we celebrated with multiple costumes and recipes. This year we have much more goings-on, events and places to go to. It's almost feeling too busy, but my son now two is SO excited for all things Halloween.

Each night we walk and see all the decorations and lights and he excitedly exclaims "HALLOWEEN!!!"

Each day we have some piece of one of our costumes delivered and that's exciting as well.

I am quite behind on making my costume, my vision is pretty lofty. However, I am confident I can use this coming weekend to get it done.

Last night was a quick dinner of Halloween themed nachos. Cheese melts, and as I found with the pizza attempt, shredded cheese doesn't retain shape once the cookie cutter is removed. So Jack and I made cut outs of pumpkins and ghosts for these. Trader Joe's is always my first stop in picking up fall groceries. This year, I stayed away from all the sweets but did get a few junk food items.


Trader Joe's Fall Leaf Chips always make it into my cart.

This year, they also started carrying Bloody Mary Salsa. (Now say it in the mirror 3 times.)

Grubby toddler hands helping to cut pumpkin shapes from sliced cheese.

Voila! And only a few bites taken from cheese slices. (Don't worry, I'm not serving it to anyone outside of us.)

For the "grown-up" tray, some sliced jalepenos and diced onions, along with a black bean spider. I added some cooked, shredded chicken to each and dinner was ready to pop in the oven for 5 minutes at 350.

Jack insisted I add a black bean Mickey Mouse to his tray after. With the cheese it was a mess so I didn't bother to take a picture.

All the shapes melted but it was still fun to do! He excitedly called out and counted each shape,

Be well,


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