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Best-Ever Quick Iced Coffee


This iced coffee is so quick and simple to make with the help of the Contigo shaker cup. It gets so cold and I can stick a straw in instantly and mess-free! The best part is it uses fresh brewed coffee so it is fresh and delicious without having to wait for it to chill and without watering it down. Tastes better than any coffee house or restaurant!

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  • Ground coffee of your choice.

  • Ice (enough to FILL cup)

  • Sweetener/ Creamer of choice

  • Contigo Autoclose Shake& Go Double-Wall Tumbler (I use the 16 oz clear, they also sell 20 oz and multiple colors.)

Step 1: Measure ground coffee of your choice into brew basket. Add HALF the water you normally would for the measured amount of coffee. (This is essential to avoid watering down iced coffee.)

unnamed - 2020-08-25T154934.314.jpg

Step 2: Fill cup too the top with ice. (It seems like a lot but I promise it is necessary for the proper concentration of your coffee and to fully chill it.

unnamed - 2020-08-25T154927.386.jpg

Step 3:

Pour hot coffee directly over ice. About half will melt right away, swirl it a few times to melt enough.

unnamed - 2020-08-25T154921.677.jpg

Step 4: Add creamer or milk and sweetener of your choice. 

Close the lid and shake vigorously!

The lid autolocks and seals shut which is AWESOME. It makes it so easy and mess free. The best part is that it gets so cold! There's a reason they use cocktail shakers in bars and tea shakers at Starbucks. Shaking the iced coffee with ice mixes it thoroughly, but the drink is so icy and delicious from first sip to last. I'm IN LOVE with this cup.

unnamed - 2020-08-25T154914.809.jpg

Step 5: Add straw to top, sip and ENJOY!

The most convenient feature of the cup is that you can add the straw without having to open the lid. Simply insert and you're set. Mess free! Or I can shove the cup in my bag without spillage and add the straw at my destination. Dishwasher safe and easy, I have no idea how I lived without it before.

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