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Avila Valley Barn

A must-stop and see if cruising up the 101, or if you find yourself anywhere nearby in the Fall. This adorable farm has sweet animals to feed and interact with, the best little farm store with fresh produce, decor, and an awesome bakery, U-pick opportunities, and SO MANY PHOTO OPS.

unnamed - 2020-09-22T105358.235.jpg

Pumpkins-a-plenty at Avila barn! Piles and piles for photo backgrounds and to purchase. They have a scale in the middle and you can buy at their store. Our favorite was the "cannonball" size pumpkins, Jack picked his out right away.

unnamed - 2020-09-22T111045.318.jpg

This sweet little cow is Abby. She loved getting pets and staring into our souls!



Alpacas, pigs, and of course GOATS oh my!

They all eat the lettuce they sell, but goats are the main event.

unnamed - 2020-09-22T111102.034.jpg
unnamed - 2021-10-04T153257.372.jpg

Goat Feeding

unnamed - 2020-09-22T105914.248.jpg
unnamed - 2020-09-22T111034.246.jpg

Next up was lunch, smoked artichoke with everything aioli was TO DIE. 

Hands down the best, most tender tri-tip sandwich I've ever had. The quintessential food of the central coast, we had to try and were not disappointed.

We finished with their salted caramel mini donuts. MMMM.

The little picnic area they offer was perfect for pulling the wagon alongside to eat. Lots of space and tables. They also had seating near the cafe, and more umbrella tables in the courtyard. 

unnamed - 2020-09-22T105816.736.jpg
unnamed - 2020-09-22T105936.929.jpg
unnamed - 2020-09-22T113245.648.jpg

The tractor and the lush green mountainscape made a perfet backdrop.

unnamed - 2020-09-22T105227.314.jpg

This old girl is the farm dog. She's so sweet we didn't mind the begging. She's content to lay around but comes up to people especially if they have food! 

unnamed - 2020-09-22T112938.300.jpg
unnamed - 2020-09-22T105553.085.jpg

Treats for the road. Until next time Avila Valley Barn!

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