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Frequently appearing on lists of America's most magical towns, this Danish town becomes even more magical near Christmas time. An evening stroll down the light adorned streets of shops, bakeries, and restaurants is the perfect winter activity. You will be passed by horse drawn carriages, and carriages adorned in lights for the holiday. Every Friday and Saturday evening in December a special light show is put on as well as a parade. Spending the evening with my little viking and shopping for his first Christmas I couldn't help but be filled with holiday spirit and unbridled joy. 

We arrived at golden hour just after Jack's nap in the car. Still sleepy eyed, we adorned his head with the viking hat we bought for him when I was pregnant and found out he was a boy.

unnamed - 2020-08-27T163435.814.jpg

All smiles once he adjusted to the light and hat, all smiles with dada in his Odin shirt.

First stop, Jule Haus, where it is Christmas all year in Solvang. I wanted to find an ornament to commemorate the occaison, and wound up buying several.

unnamed - 2020-08-27T163356.375.jpg

Next stop was to Solvang park, after a stroll down the block and a few stops in some shops. My favorite: Mortensen's danish bakery. The BEST Danish waffles in Solvang. Those were a must buy along with some treats for tomorrow. 

As the sun began to set, the lights on the trees in the park began to come on. A band formed in the gazebo and started playing. I felt like I was transported to Stars Hollow from Gilmore girls! 

Jack's eyes lit up at all the sights and sounds. A light chill to the air, but otherwise very mild here on the central coast in December.

unnamed - 2020-08-27T162308.655.jpg

At the end of the park stands the giant Christmas tree, whose halls were decked in Danish themed decor. So striking, and the perfect festive photo backdrop.

unnamed - 2020-08-27T162315.109.jpg

With baby asleep again, we got to enjoy a dinner date at the Viking Garden. Yummy Dansish food, sausage, cabbage, and onion ring appetizers. He slept the whole dinner, and it was nice to enjoy a warm meal and ambiance.

unnamed - 2020-08-27T163346.951.jpg

A stroll back through the park now that it was dark. My viking awoke to see the action!

unnamed - 2020-08-27T162326.340.jpg

After the light show set to Christmas music, we headed back to the parking lot. The entire town goes above and beyond for Christmas, each business adorned in lights and planters given the addition of poinsettias. Striking and festive. This will definitely become our yearly tradition. Everyone fawned over my viking baby, and this was the first outing as a new mom I truly felt secure and like I knew what I was doing. I can't wait to come back next Christmas!

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