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  • Elle Sten

Vex milk and cookies (Gjallardoodles and Chocolate Ship)

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

So incredibly yummy! Refreshing vex milk to wash down these buttery delicious cookies.

Vex Milk:

8 oz milk, heated

1 TBSP Butterfly pea tea flowers, brewed in ball tea infuser

2 TBSP honey, dissolved into hot milk

Butterfly pea flowers for tea or tinging milk blue!

The chocolate ship cookies have been my FAVORITE recipe from the book and chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER. I am a FIEND for browned butter and I've never thought to put it in a chocolate chip cookie, but it makes a WORLD of difference. These have such a toffee flavor to them from the browned butter. They will end up darker than your standard chocolate chip cookie, but the taste is to die for. And, holy TEXTURE! The oats provide a nice crunch and balance. I was thrown off by the bread flour included in a cookie, afraid that they would be too bar-like, yet it gives them such a nice rise I understand now. Bonus, if you microwave about 30 seconds it sounds like a crackling campfire. I can't wait to bring these to my dawning party.

Little guardian was quite a fan of these too. Oatmeal makes them healthy.... right?!

Next up (after quite a few chocolate ships have been devoured), were the Gjallardoodles. This recipe was reminiscent of the German Walnut Shortbread cookies I make each year, but with cashews. The depth the toasted cashews gives these cookies is outstanding. Sorry Zavala, I ate them all. This is probably the 2nd favorite recipe from the book. I like the ones that baked a little longer for crunchy coffee dippers. Anyone want to have a Destiny cookie exchange this year?

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