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  • Elle Sten

Festival of the Lost

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Tis the time of year for celebrating the lost and the light but at home, Destiny style. Recipes from The Official Destiny Cookbook, game inspired decorations.

Decorations are set up, now for the light to fade away (aka the sun to set), so we can get started.

Apparently Amanda Holliday ran this. Seen here enjoying a Jackolyte Spice Latte (JSL) against the woods just before sun down. Don't let her exterior fool you, when it comes to fall miss Holliday is as basic as they come.

Chicken tortilla soup and elotes from the Destiny cookbook, along with tacos, chips, and salsa,

Chiles en Negoda from the Destiny cookbook. One of the most interesting recipes and flavor combinations I've ever made. The walnut sauce was unexpected but creamy and deliciuous.


"Tortilla Chicken Soup" from The Official Destiny Cookbook. A unique base to a classic chicken tortilla soup with charred veggies and blended tortilla. It tasted muy authentico, perfect for a chilly fall evening.

Finally, the sun had set.

And now to enjoy some radioactive glow cocktails.

Paired with some Jackolyte cookies.

Then, it was dark enough for a fire.

And by fire, I mean on top of the hot chocolate.

Skyburner's Oath spiced hot chocolate from the Official Destiny Cookbook.

Creamy, spicy, delicious. Torched the marshmallows on top, with one *minor* flame incident.

Cheers, guardian.

The darker it got, the more the light shone brightly. Warm and cozy now with eyes to the future and beyond, we wrapped a FOTL for the books.

Found a Trick-or-treater wandering who was disappointed in his celery and boxes of raisins he received.

Be well!


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