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  • Elle Sten

Halloween Projects and Fall Vibes

I finally got a photoboard! Hopefully have upcoming photoshoots and a need for one. In the meantime, an inter-changable decoration.

Royal icing is not totally my friend, but these were still fun! From far away they look like glowing jack-o-lanterns. Packaged with some Chocolate ship cookies in single-serve treat bags for a COVID-friendly distribution at a front-lawn dinner gathering. Each family 6 feet apart! I placed these in the middle and said "grab them steal-the-bacon style!

Found a fun "pumpkin hack", glow paint! They last all season. Bought a cheapie strip of blacklight on Amazon, and had fun! The glow paint looks bad and patchy in the light but in the dark with a blacklight it is so cool!

And my favorite simple project, candy corn flower pot. Terracotta old pot I had, just tape stripes around it and paint the bottom white, middle yellow, and top orange.

Lots of fun planned for this week! Quarantine-o-ween and Hallo-weekend are going to be lit!

Be well,


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