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  • Elle Sten

Fall Snack Staples

Easy to whip up and put together fall treats for when we have guests drop by, things to have on hand this time of year.

Jack-O-Lantern Snack board:

Different orange items (chips, crackers, veggies, fruit) make this easily customizable and fun! Quick to throw together and can be enjoyed and tailored to any age or occasion. It adds a touch of Fall ambience

Blackberries for the eyes, nose, and mouth. You could also use olives or grapes. I cubed some cheese, sliced bell peppers, and added carrot chops, cheez-it Grooves, Better Cheddars, cheetos, and cheese ruffles. The stem is some sliced cucumber on a skewer with a green napkin underneath. Serve with a quick dip on the side, and paper plates. Fun, yum, and done.

I also like to keep a box of pumpklin bread mix in the pantry this time of year. Previous years it was always to quickly bake and bring to a church get together, but those aren't going on these days. Still, it makes for an easy low-mess treat to put together and makes the house smell wonderful. Let it cool before attempting to slice, but it is last-minute friendly. My favorite is the Trader Joe's pumpkin bread and muffin mix.

Fall tip:

Each time you bake something this season, double the recipe and freeze half! Whether you freeze the dough or the baked final product, you will be SO glad to have easy to defrost and serve treats on hand. The more you do this, the more variety you'll have on hand. I was so glad I made bonus chocolate ship cookies to add to my dessert tray. They were a hit too! I have extra dough to freeze even for next time. I also like having treats to send with my husband to work, even if to prevent myself from eating them all!

Fall sip:

This is a staple this time of year in our fridge for my husband. He looks for it at the start of the season each year. I used to join him with the Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Ale but it has since been discontinued. We keep joking that "Oktoberfest is cancelled" this year, yet this Sam Adam's Octoberfest is the one thing that remains. Having a 12 pack on hand to offer guests adds a little fall touch beyond just plain beer.

I've been rearranging my fall decor and closet this week, but as the weather is finally starting to cool off I'm finding more enjoyment in dressing for the fall. I've started several Halloween projects and have really been enjoying the influx of creativity. Our home radiates fall vibes in the colors and built ins, and everything feels more in its place this time of year here.

Be well,


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