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  • Elle Sten

5 Kid-Friendly Halloween-y Things to Make

Things I make each year with my kids. Fun but not grotesque recipes!

Am I the only one who doesn't want to see fingers and other body parts when I go to eat? I like fun Halloween food on my table and at my party! These are fun ways to involve the kids and allow them to customize their dinners!

1. Spooky Pizzas

Dollops of ricotta and olive eyes make these fun ghostly shapes!

Whole and sliced olives make fun bats and spiders! I also used some cut pumpkin shapes courtesy of my son who could not resist a few bites of pepperoni as he built his pizza.

2. Jack-o-lantern bell peppers
My son was so excited for these. I love that they allow

3. Peek-a-boo pumpkin bread
A Halloween or autumnal take on the classic peek-a-boo poundcake. Pumpkin bread (boxed is fine) cut into pumpkin cookie cutter shapes and a homemade poundcake batter poured over stacked shapes make this so fun to slice!

4.Jack-o-lantern snack board
This has so much freedom to add any orange snacks! Simply use black berries or dark grapes for the eyes and teeth to pop against the orange !!snacks. I love that you can

Chips, crackers, cheese, and fruit and veggies. I like the mix of healthy and junk food, but most of all texture!
Served on a snack table along with cookies and pumpkin bread.

5. Halloween nachos
The cookie cutter is the go-to here! Cutting spooky shapes like ghosts and pumpkins in cheese make for such fun topping! I did a black bean spider on one plate of nachos, but olives make fantastic spiders as with the pizzas!

Alternatively, totchos work great! On tater tots.

Added spice, nacho things for adults, kids have the unspiced center.
For a healthier take, Zucchini slices can be good to cut faces into! Melted cheese on top (shaped or not) made these a hit with my kids!

Bonus: Jack-o-lantern quesadillas

Liked these? See my full list of all the fall recipes I make each Autumn!

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