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  • Elle Sten

Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's this year marks every single holiday celebrated at home. We are nearing a year since lockdowns, quarantines, and closures began. Hopefully starting with Easter we will be able to attend large family gatherings again, and go out to eat from time to time or to celebrate. However, we found ways to make the day fun and special so much so it really didn't feel as if we missed out at all.

Restaurants recently, (like within the last week) opened back up for patio dining. Of course we want to support our local small businesses and eateries, but it was too cold to bring a toddler and that in and of itself is a lot. Plus everything is at 25 % capacity for dining even outdoors, so on the busiest restaurant night of the year we decided we'd be home.

Started off with breakfast, some heart-shaped pancakes, strawberries, and some strawberry milk for the first time. Note. cookie cutters don't work very well on pancakes! If I had made them in the cookie cutters perhaps they would have turned out but ain't nobody got time for that!

For the hubs and I, regular pancakes with one heart each, finally got to use my Valentine Rae Dunn mugs, and pretty pink strawberry milk. Quick but pretty enough for kicking off V-day.

Once he napped, I got to get ready with some curls and Valentine's makeup while watching the third movie in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series. Very cute and feeling relaxed and happy.

Lunch was a grilled cheese (hello again heart shaped cookie cutter!), tomato soup, and sliced banana slices with a mini heart cookie stamp. They were a win and he was surprisingly good at eating his soup!

Some Valentine's gifts, both for Jack and husband and I. Jack got a bubble gun that kept him entertained for hours!

For our afternoon activity: chocolate covered strawberries!

Jack was a fan! He liked the leaves a little too much but otherwise made a good helper.

And for dinner, valentine charcuterie. Hello Aldi heart shaped cheeses! And Trader Joe's crackers, (the garlic naan is a new favorite!), some Kalamata olives, pecans, sliced cheddar, blood oranges, and an attempt at salami roses complete the board. Even the baby got a mini cheeseboard which he loved.

My roses, tiered tray, and choco strawberries adorned the dinner table too.

Ending the night reading a Valentine book with dada. Another holiday at home well-spent.

A Valentine's Day for the books!

Be well,


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