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  • Elle Sten

Socially-Distanced aka Backyard S'mores

It's been a week since statewide stay-at-home orders have been announced. Wanting to enjoy the backyard to the fullest, what better way than with S'mores? We have a few duraflame logs to toss on the firepit.

The fire was entertaining for baby, and he got to hold some marshmallow skewers!

All toothless smiles around the campfire!

S'mores toppings include milk, dark, and white chocolate, Reeses's thins (To fit in a s'more!), banana slices, and flat marshmallows. Flat mallows really alllow for picture perfect s'mores!

Mmm, perfect.

It got chilly and started to get dark, daylight savings time I can't wait for you! We went in and watched newly released Tiger King on Netflix while we finished our s'mores.

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