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  • Elle Sten

Porch Brunch

Post Easter brunch, hello leftovers..

We, like many others in our neighborhood have an outdoor chair and table set on the porch. Many have theirs configured to face the sunset, however we enjoy the privacy behind a hedge. While my hubby enjoys Mondays off, we thought what better way to put our Easter leftovers to use than a brunch?

The ham, croissants, and pineapple are really the only leftovers here. The Dalgona coffee (made with stevia and almond milk, because I have to save the sugar somewhere, I mean LOOK at this brunch), lets you know this is mid full-swing quarantine.

Diced potatoes, onions, and red and green bell peppers with a splash of canola oil over medium heat about 20 minutes are my favorite. I call them "bunkhouse" potatoes, my Husband calls them "cowboy taters". Poached eggs are my favorite way to enjoy them, as jammy egg yolks are the best way to me. Sliced avocados balance an otherwise heavy plate. The blood oranges add a berry note to the citrus, and pineapple rings are a yummy palate cleanse between bites and mimosa sips. We used regular orange juice but garnish with blood orange. Warm buttery croissants with a strawberry compote spooned over is HEAVEN.

We missed family yesterday and the chance to enjoy with others, however here on the porch with the high chair propped next to our set up, life is pretty sweet.



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