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  • Elle Sten

Pomegranate Matcha Pink Drink



1 cup milk of choice (I use coconut)

2 TBSP grenadine

4-5 ice cubes

2 tsp matcha powder dissolved in 1 TBSP water.

Optional: Pomegranate seeds

Mix together grenadine and milk. Add ice, dissolve matcha. Place ice cubes in glass, add matcha tea and top with pomegranates.

This drink was so pretty! Pink and green are my two favorite colors, and this drink has a magic color-changing appearance as you sip, since the ice and differences in sugar between liquid keep them separated. Also, I was way too old before I learned grenadine is actually supposed to be pomegranate flavored, and not cherry. I think my childhood obsession with Shirley Temples steered me.

This was pleasantly sweet, and now in the middle of Fall the touch of color was a welcome addition to my fally-kitchen. Not only that but I had bought a pomegranate for making Chiles en Negoda later this week, and the seeds sparked an idea for a drink.

Buying a pomegranate may be added to my usual fall shopping list now! The beautiful fuschia adds so much color to plates and the table as well, beyond my afternoon sip. I am enjoying fall so much, my one grievance is not having enough daylight. Now by the time we finish with dinner, we have no time if any to play outside or walk to the park. I miss the 8:30 sunsets of summer. I was thinking earlier this week how I could thrive during Scandinavian or Alaskan summers, and still be enjoying sipping outside at midnight, This drink was gone way too quick, and I will certainly make it again. I probably will never shell out for another Starbucks matcha or pink drink because this was so fun to do at home!

Left with green colored ice and pomegranate seeds, it was fun to watch it turn to green.

Be well,


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