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  • Elle Sten

Mediterranean Night at home

I found myself craving the fresh and pungent flavors of Mediterranean cuisine as the weather warms up. I had some pre-quarantine bought yeast and bread flour on hand, so I whipped up some fresh pita for the first time, tossed together a fresh Greek salad with olive oil and lemon dressing, and blended together a delicious hummus. I also baked some chicken schwarma for pita wraps. The secret to the chicken and hummus topping is smoked paprika!

First attempt at Pita bread, dough balls that will then rest and be fried.

Couldn't find tahini anywhere (hello, quarantine grocery hell), so I improvised and made my own with toasted sesame seeds.

The hummus was so creamy and balanced garlic and tangy.

Fresh and zesty, pita wraps, hummus, and Greek salad was a yummy spring treat.

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