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  • Elle Sten

How I make money as a Stay At Home Mom.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

All the ways I earn money from home to pay for "extras" and entertainment.


I always thought these were a scam and unprofitable... Until I started while nursing my daughter. It kept me from falling asleep all those late night wakes, and turned into a genuine source of income. I was able to buy a full wardrobe, computer, clothes for the kids and now it's how I pay for all our outings and activities. These are the best and most profitable companies.

1. Poll Pay

2. Ipsos i-say

3. Qmee

Mystery Shopping

Not always from home, admittedly, however there are often phone and web shops, and things that can easily be done on the go with kids. Even when my son was a few months old I would go around town getting these done, pick up free lunch and dinner and get paid to review it. Now that my daughter is a little older and the world is open, quick mystery shops are always incorporated into our travels. Pre-kids, we used to hit the rounds every weekend and get a nice meal at a fancy local restaurant compensated, go to entertainment venues, and even nice hotel stays on the beach paid and paid for. This will always be a side hustle I do because of all the perks. Here are my favorite companies:

1. Amusement Advantage

I love this one because we can go out and do things and get paid! One of the most lucrative per event shopping companies.

2.Sassie Mystery shopping
Get the Presto Map and create an account with Sassie! This will unlock all the mystery shops in your area. I start the day looking on here. You will need accounts for their subbrands as well one you see what is in the area. I usually do shops from Sassie (Ipsos), Intellishop, and Shopmetrics (Ipsos)

Cash Back Apps

I use these more like rewards and anything earned here goes to paying back anything spent on the credit card.

30 dollar bonus for signing up. Both husband and I did for things we
were buying anyway, instant 60 plus percentage of cashback at the store.

Use code oeaqyvs to sign up and get 10 cashback for signing up!

Cash back on gas and nearby restaurants

My least favorite, but still adds up when there are items you want. The best feature is the price drop feature.


These are odd ways that add up. From steps to receipt uploading, every penny counts.

The only one of the step counters that really pays off.

Amazon Shopper Panel
10 dollars in Amazon credit each month to upload receipts. Simple and always nice to add to the Amazon balance!

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