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  • Elle Sten

Hello, November

I saw Mind'y's outfit on Instagram a while back and have been OBSESSED. I love black with taupe, so I found my most similar pieces. I was initially intimidated knowing that this a semi-form fitting dress and my moto jacket stopepd right above my stomach but I love it. This can be worn year-round for shopping or even a dinner out, but I found this week it was a perfect late Autumn outfit. I just wore it for my errands, and it wound up getting up to 88 degrees today! The jacket felt a little warm midday.

It's been an odd week still being in election-limbo. We voted Tuesday evening, then ordered from Wingstop for boneless Tuesday. I welcomed a night off dishes and clean up.

My energy this week compared to last is almost non-existent. Halloween and projects wiped me out. I bought two plastic totes and put it all away today, My social media friends seem to be divided, half put up Christmas the day after Halloween and the other half vehemently are against Christmas before Thanksgiving. I don't care one way or the other, but I won't be putting things out until later in the month.

There's a semi-lull here until December, but again the break is welcome. We plan to have Thanksgiving just us three here at home this year due to my husband's work schedule, nightmare traffic last year, and of course social-distancing.

Monday evening we had a movie night, with leftover sliders, candy appples, Halloween candy, popcorn, and I made potato tornadoes. A healthy night. We watched King of Staten Island, and really enjoyed it.

Wednesday night was pumpkin recipe night. My grandma sends me Taste of Home magazine, and the end of the year cookbook each year. I poured through it and found this collection of recipes that had crossover ingredients and seemed to pair well so I made the three of them in one night.

It was nice to go meatless for a night. My husband and I agreed the curried pumpkin risotto was the best. The pumpkin hummus is not one I'll make again as regular garlicky hummus is MUCH better. The acorn squash with maple syrup, butter, and walnuts was a good side, but certainly not a star of the meal. Still, a yummy fall treat.

Tonight is sort of a use-what-we-have sort of night, I made meatballs with part of the metric butt-ton of ground beef I bought, used up some tomato sauce, and some hamburger buns we had in the freezer. I toasted the bread, spread some butter and sprinkled garlic powder, then added a slice of mozarella for meatball subs. They were a simple hit with hubby and son, he gave no resistance to finishing his meal, yay a win!

I was just happy to use ingredients up.

Tomorrow, Starbucks launches their holiday drinks and I plan to go get one and the free cup. Another perk of November! This year I've had fewer Starbucks drinks than any other Fall season. I think it's due to their lack of happy hours, and having a toddler who does not sit still in drive-thrus.

And finally, my oddity of the week, Coconut lime Listerine! I have yet to try it but I struggle to imagine how I can get the nice clean mouthwash feel from something that is cocktail-flavored.

Be well,


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