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  • Elle Sten

Galaxy Elote Cups

A crime against food? Maybe. But I grew up dipping blue french fries in purple ketchup so... I can't help wanting to jazz up my elote cup.

Follow my recipe for elote cups

Instead of dying the cheese blue, I dye the mayo blue here. I then separate the Cotija cheese and dye half of it with a few drops of purple gel food color and the other half with pink gel food color. Stir with a fork.

Add 1-2 drops of blue food coloring to 1 cup of mayo. Add a few spoonfuls to elote in cup, amd pile more corn on top. Add cheese crumbles, stir, and enjoy!

The corn resemble stars, and when all stirred together it turns into a pretty pastel galaxy in a cup.

Be well,


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