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  • Elle Sten

Easter at Home

Jack's first Easter was at the beginning stages of stay-at-home orders where social distancing mandated families don't get together for Easter. Although bummed I wouldn't see Jack hunt for Easter eggs with my cousins or get to enjoy my grandmother's huge Easter spread, we made the most of it at home. There was still the large ingredient outages in all the grocery stores, so my big Easter meal was limited but we managed! Here's how we spent the day. Enjoy!

Many retail stores were closed and the ones that were open had the non-essentials blocked off. Thankfully Target came in clutch and I was able to order Jack's Easter outfit, Easter basket goodies, and some plastic eggs to fill with baby puffs. First I had to wash and dry all the eggs since he would eat the puffs inside. They made fun maracas for him to shake! We would hide these later on.

Favorite hack for child egg-dying-- the whisk to hold the egg! With some turning to coat this worked out perfectly. This blue dye still ended up on the carpet with a swift grab before either of us could stop it. Still worth the experience!

I bought what was available in the store, and worked with what I had. The daisies on the cake are from the backyard, as are the daffodils and lavender in the vase. Because it was just the three of us I only deviled three eggs, made six croissants, and one box of au gratin potatoes. I also made my mother-in-law's broccoli raisin sald, carrots rubbed in olive oil, pressed garlic, and salt and pepper. (The texture was succulent!) Some jello eggs made in a small jello mold in batches, butter, jam, and sugared strawberries had their place on the table. Finally, a baked ham with a pineapple glaze and diet cherry 7up for a pink fizzy drink completed the meal.

My first "naked" cake adorned with backyard flowers was a chocolate cake with a sour cream frosting. I didn't have enough butter for a buttercream, and found the tartness of the sour cream pleasant but was delighted by the spread ability of it.

Side note, butter being a hot ticket item I whipped heavy cream in the stand mixer until it made butter, drained out the buttermilk, and used it for our Easter needs. The buttermilk came in handy later!

Before lunch we Zoom called family members. We all shared what we were having in place of being together for the traditional Easter fare.

Backyard Easter egg hunt! Jack crawled to his eggs and excitedly held up each one he found. My husband helped him with some Mission Impossible style hunting. It was a fun time, and the haul of maraca eggs provided hours of entertainment after.

Finally, Jack got to enjoy his Easter baskets. Fortunately his grandmothers shipped him Easter baskets and treats. Jack loved pulling out his toys and books.

If this Easter at home could be summed up with one word, it would be "wholesome."

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