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  • Elle Sten

Cutting my own Curtain Bangs!

Postpartum hair regrowth is a strange phenomenon. Random pieces, all different lengths, the majority of which is coming in at the top and front of my face. I'm all for my hair thickening again, but it was beginning to become a bit of an awkward stage of regrowth. What to do? Delve down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Drawn to vintage charm sifting through the actresses and their haircuts with modern versions, I stumbled upon a style I've never previously heard of, despite its popularity: curtain bangs.

I became obsessed! I reached my cloud storage capacity saving pictures of the style. I attempted several Youtube tutorials but was immediately too ADD to get past the first couple minutes. On a particularly restless and antsy day, I took scissors to my hair and blended my new short regrown bangs, and snipped at three points of my face.

  1. Bangs to frame my eyes and stop at my brow bones

  2. Bangs to stop at and accentuate my cheekbones

  3. Bangs to frame and slim my face at my jawbone.

Not sure which shape my face is, I suppose square but if I were 15 pounds less it may be heart-shaped.

Either way, it was time to accentuate it better. I'd been sporting the long one-length hair since my last cut pre-delivery over a year and a half ago. With all haircut places closed most of quarantine, my options led me here. I think just the week prior certain salons in the county were resuming operations, but between the high demand quarantine created to the state-imposed limits, this was my best option and only cure for the restlessness.

I have to say, I am really happy with the results. The thinness of my hair and shape of the top of my head has always been an insecurity despite my love of this newfound length. This was fixed by just three simple snips on each side.

Before: After:

(The most recent picture of me prior

to cutting the curtain bangs. You can see one

of my random regrown pieces in the center of

my forehead.)

I am so excited about the results. It camouflages the stray rewgrowth pieces, and really improves my overall look. The postpartum frumpiness I've felt I couldn't seem to shake. Of course, I'll still need a trim but for now, homecut success!

The added volume is a nice bonus. The random regrown pieces at the crown of my head will assimilate eventually! HeHe, I read having hair-ties on your wrist is frumpy. All well, one step at a time. ;)

Be well,


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