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  • Elle Sten

Cold Sauce

This was my 2-year-old's brainchild. He sees us eat hot sauce (that we don't let him have) and he started asking for (demanding) cold sauce! So with a little science and experimentation, we created it- Cold Sauce!


2 Cups plain yogurt

1 packet Ranch Seasoning

2 TBSP Cheese powder ( white cheddar is ideal but parmesan works too.)

1/2 cup CONCENTRATED brewed butterfly pea tea or butterfly pea tea extract.

Optional 2 TBSP finely chopped cucumber pieces.

Note, with butterfly pea extract, it must only interact with Basic foods or else it turns a pinkish purple when in contact with acidic food. We would've done a ketchup or vinegar or tomato based sauce, however it would've been a different color.

Side note, my label is trash. I need a Cricut!

The process. Boy loved to stir and add ingredients. It was a colorful mess.

Butterfly pea tea extract, seriously the best buy and so much fun in the kitchen with food and drinks.

Success! Hidden veggies, healthier than ranch, and a proud excited toddler. Yay!

Some hot sauce for mom and dad, cold sauce for kid. I'm gonna try it though!

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