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  • Elle Sten

Asian Grocery Store Guide

My haul of pantry essentials from the local Asian market. These items I have a hard time finding anywhere else, even stores with extensive Asian food sections. I like to keep these on hand for making my favorite marinated jammy boiled eggs to throw on a quick ramen, or when we do a full-blown homemade ramen. I also like making a Korean red pepper based veggie stew or quick Instant Pot chicken. These are what I deem the essentials, but of course the aisles are always fun to peruse. Somehow a sweet treat always ends up in my tote bag, such as a bubble tea mix or Hello Kitty Candy.

Shopping List

  • Lye water (Potassium carbonate and Sodium Bi-Carbonate Solution)

  • Red Miso Paste

  • Gochujang

  • Red pepper powder

  • Black Sesame seeds

  • Pickled Ginger (Red)

  • Dried Shitake Mushrooms

  • Mirin

  • Sake

  • Leeks

These staple ingredients I find called for in so many Asian recipes. These are the building blocks and extrememly versatile staples I've found.

I've already got my list rolling for next time, including dried mushroom powder for umami flavor, white sesame seeds, black garlic, boba balls and straws, spring roll wrappers, gyoza wrappers, bulgogi sauce and some other powdered mixes. The building blocks I purchased today should hold me a while though!

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