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  • Elle Sten

An Autumnal Afternoon at Home.

We have one paltry little apple tree out back. Many of the houses in our neighborhood seem to have one, I'm not sure the variety of apple. but it's one that is able to thrive in our temperate central coast weather. It bears my neglect and resultingly tiny apples. Maybe next year I'll water it now that I have a helper!

Since his favorite thing to do is gather items from around the house and put into other storage, such as drawers, baskets, and boxes, I thought this would be a fun autumnal outdoor activity.

More "legit" apple picking places are open nearby, yet getting out and to one while my husband's work schedule is so crazy is a whole undertaking. Besides, who needs to when he can enjoy just as much at home?

I love our twisty oaks that adorn this neck of the woods. The slanted fall-light peaking through set the tone for the afternoon.

Pauses to sit on my lap and admire his bounty so far.

Small but mighty. Just a few fruit-bearing branches drop dozens of apples! The squirrels have gotten to many of them, but a few remain unscathed.

Back to work! These apples won't pick themselves up! Once they were all stashed away, he helped me gather some acorns for fall vase fillers. That will be an ongoing project however, as our beautiful oaks leave quite a mess!@ Especially when the Santa Ana winds pick up.

Time to enjoy the harvest, plus some Granny Smith from the store. Leftover easy dulce de leche makes it even better!

And in search of some protein, killed off leftover hummus and my fall leaves Trader Joe's chips. The bottom of the bag has gotten crushed a little but still fall aesthetic enough.

Be well,


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