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Quarantine Life

How we enjoy (stay sane) being quarantined at home.

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S'mores toppings include milk, dark, and white chocolate, Reeses's thins (To fit in a s'more!), banana slices, and flat marshmallows. Flat mallows really alllow for picture perfect s'mores!

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Family Fondue party

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Let me preface this by saying I know this is not traditional fondue. We worked with what we were able to buy during the great grocery store outages of 2020 shortly after quarantine was announced. We had many more dried meats and less fresh veggies to work with. That being said, it was still fun!


I baked French bread for the first time for the occasion, and my house smelt like a boulangerie for the evening.


I had just embraced the retro aspect of my house and looked in the pantry, then hatched this idea. I looked in my closet for something with a 70's vibe and put togehther this outfit, sort of like a fashionable Minion?


I was able to use some pieces of my copper collection to enhance the vintage vibe, particularly the Jello mold. The beige, copper, and red color palette of the table worked with things I happened to have on hand, cheeseboards included! We washed it down with a Moscow Mule each, and enjoyed our interactive dinner. Side note- my living room has a step down "conversation pit" aspect to it, this little dinner with our home's vibe really transported us to another era.


We even involved the baby who got to try nibbles and enjoy some cheese-dipping sensory play.


When grocery stores are stocked up again I'm sure there is so much more that can be done to run with the theme.


I'd love to see more ideas or fondue parties.

Medditeranean Night

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unnamed - 2020-08-24T131743.094.jpg
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unnamed - 2020-08-24T131747.969.jpg

I found myself craving the fresh and pungent flavors of Mediterranean cuisine as the weather warms up. I had some pre-quarantine bought yeast and bread flour on hand, so I whipped up some fresh pita for the first time, tossed together a fresh Greek salad with olive oil and lemon dressing, and blended together a delicious hummus. I also baked some chicken schwarma for pita wraps. The secret to the chicken and hummus topping is smoked paprika!

The hummus was so creamy and balanced garlic and tangy.

Al Fresco dining (at home)

unnamed - 2020-08-24T144122.547.jpg

Post Easter brunch, hello leftovers. And Dalgona coffee because it's quarantine. 

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