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The FOUR products that SAVED my hair


    Quarantine and the lack of ability to get regular trims, or any at all, has mandated my hair care routine become intensive. I've been told all my life by hair stylists how damaged and fine textured my hair is. I've been recommended everything under the sun and quickly found that their high-end salon products just don't mean anything for my hair. Mask after mask, nothing. Oils make my fine hair appear greasy and don't seem to penetrate to do anything beneficial. Finally, after years and years of experimentation, I have found what WORKS.

Like the rest of my beauty routine, my hair care consists of a mix of pricier products and drugstore. I've used more expensive things in desperation only to be disappointed with the results. 


  1. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum                         Purchased from Sephora, and often hard to find, this serum has given me the thickest,fullest, hair I've ever had! Bouncing back from post partum hair loss was one thing, but this brought it back THICKER than before! My hair sheds like crazy! Wearing black is something I always have to think twice on because my blonde hair stands out everywhere. Not anymore! After two months of using this, my hair has filled in so much! This is a must if trying to grow your hair out, or keep it long and healthy. I use at the end of the day on hair wash days (Every other day for me), and that seems to be plenty, and it helps it last.

2.OLAPLEX hair perfector No. 3 

 This is the most expensive item I use, but it is revolutionary. I was skeptical on the reviews, wary of snake oil and magic elixirs that seem to do the impossible. What it does: Repairs bonds within the hair. I have noticed several split ends repair. It prevents breakage, and aids in the growing process in that it protects and prolongs the life of your ends. It claims to work on all hair thickness and textures, I can only speak for my hair and type, natural blonde, fine, thin, and damage prone. I use it as a weekly treatment, wet my hair, squeeze it out, and let the Olaplex sit, focusing on my ends. This alone has repaired my hair exponentially. My ends are much more even as the breakage is prevented. The bottle directs you to also use their shampoo and conditioner, but I don't believe that to be necessary. Can be purchased here.

3. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo

 The cheapest on the list, this product gives INCREDIBLE SHINE. Like, megawatt shine without weighing down my hair or making it look oily. This product is responsible for the compliments I get on my hair.  Remember when I said I couldn't use oils and certain masks? I've finally found something to give my fine hair SHINE.

4. Nexxus KERAPHIX Damage Healing Conditioner 

Finally, my Nexxus conditioner. I received this as a sample while using a different conditioner, and was blown away by the results. It makes my hair so soft after using. No other conditioner has even come close to accomplishing what this has for my hair. Anytime I have to use anything else (for travel or I'm out) my hair is dry and crunchy again. 

This product smells like Red Vines for some reason, but whatever is in it WORKS. To save money, I buy it from Target because often they have a sale on their hair products BOGO 50% off. This can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon which can be found from Nexxus or on the Target Cartwheel app. When I find these deals, I stock up! Since I only use the conditioner and not the shampoo, it helps stretch the savings.

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