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Meine "Küche"

Wo die Magie geschieht. Ich habe mich schließlich entschieden, die (veralteten) Retro-Geräte und -Einrichtungen anzunehmen und damit zu laufen! So sehr in den Siebzigern, mit atomarem Mid-Century-Flair, ist mein ganzes Zuhause auf den Punkt gebracht, aber die Küche ist das eklektische Zentrum.

unnamed (30).jpg

Ein sonniger Nachmittag, perfekt für einen Ananas-Gugelhupf und blühenden Ananastee.

Diese Teekanne aus Glas und der blühende Tee waren in letzter Zeit ästhetische Grundnahrungsmittel am Nachmittag! Koordiniert noch jemand seine Schuhe mit ihrem Nachtisch?

Backen Advunterhält

Leckere Kreationen und Versuche – Flops inklusive!

Giant donut bundt cake.

The inspo? Homer Simpson's donuts. Testing this for a "giant dessert bar" for my son's birthday.

Chocolate Guiness Stout cake with a Bailey's buttercream and chocolate Jameson Ganache

Made for my husband's 28th birthday.


Raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes.

unnamed - 2020-08-24T140746.087
Strawberry shortcake

Layered strawberry shortcake and strawberry shortshots.

Lemon buttermilk bundt cake

I was given several bags of lemons by my husband's boss's wife. They were the hugest lemons I've ever seen! Think Nerf football size. (I love California and our citrus!) I whipped up this lemon bundt cake from a mix of recipes like I always do. Sweet and zippy!

Blueberry Cream Pie

Kinda like a cheesecake, but with a blueberry compote topping and whipped cream garnish. Reminds me of my favorite Marie Callender's blueberry sourcream pie. So easy to make, simple cheesecake base, crust, and a quick 2 cup frozen blueberry 1 cup water 1/2 cup sugar over medium heat until a gel forms. Pour over cheesecake and let set in the fridge.

Mountain Christmas Cookies

My first foray with royal icing, spending Christmas in the mountains inspired the combination of these. The chocolate bear paws were my favorite! I used a peanut butter cup to "stamp" the paw on still warm cookies. I then placed chocolate chips for the "toes" by drawing a toothpick through the tops for a claw appearance. The bark and birch style trees and leaves used Sweet Amb's cookie kid from Global Belly.


Cocktails, Kaffees und Getränke, die nur hübsch aussehen!

Spiced Apple Cider
Funfetti iced coffee

Funfetti creamer in iced coffee topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Yum!

Watermelon basil-lime cocktails and jolly rancher spritzers.

Delicious and refreshing for summer. The jolly rancher is my go-to with lemon lime soda (I used diet), a splash of cranberry juice, and wwatermelon vodka. Yum!

Dragonfruit  mango smoothie

Blended dragonfruit and frozen mango chunks. Pretty and delicious!

Iced coffee in paradise.

JK first Monday of stay-at-home orders, stores are all out of half and half, so I bought mini packaged half and half online, tossed one in this coffee.

Blood orange gin fizz
Paradise Iced Tea

The tea they use at restaurants like Cheesecake Factory and El Torito. So deliciously fruity and tropical!

Copycat Dole Whip

Takes me to the tikki room (here in quarantine!) Yummy blend of almond milk and frozen pineapple. Surprisingly delicious low-cal treat!

Blood orange margaritas

The most exhilarating margarita I've ever tried. The fresh pressed blood orange juice makes this yummy and pretty.

S'mores iced coffee

Coffeemate s'mores iced coffee creamer in chilled coffee, garnished with graham cracker, fudge, and toasted marshmallow. Hello excuse to use my cake torch!

Butterfly pea tea

Such a pretty shade of blue, the possibilities with adding color to this drink are endless!

Fall coffee

First foggy fall morning, bust out the coffee!

Was kocht

Mahlzeiten und Snacks, gesund und ungesund, the Anlaufstellen und Innovationen.

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