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  • Elle Sten

Spooky fun

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Heading into mid-October, and after my initial Fall decorating, I shift my focus to Halloween.

I've finally decided on our costumes, going with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

Of course, based on their names alone this was always going to be the costume we did this year, what we were undecided on was whether or not it would be our family costume. We decided we would, and this week I pulled the trigger on buying some items as well as began my DIY for my costume.

We visited Spirit Halloween this week, and it was much more interactive than I've remembered in years past. We were afraid our two-year-old would be afraid of some of the displays, but as soon as we were greeted by an animatronic werewolf inside, he let out an excited "awoooooo!". The rest of the visit was spent with him excitedly recognizing his favorite characters, and seeking out as many pumpkins as he could find.

Later that evening we watched Nightmare Before Christmas, which was fun to kickstart my costume ideas.

The following day, we visited our local Zeller pumpkin patch. This is where I like to purchase pumpkins because it supports their kids, and they work it. Pumpkin prices aren't gouged, and I feel good about where the money goes. Here we picked up this lovely rich orange pumpkin. It's huge, she made our car drag. It was a perfect quick trip for the toddler to kick dirt.

The perfect pumpkin color.

Then, some make your own pizzas. My vision for these involved pumpkin shaped cheese and olive bats, but ya know. Still fun to make and count aloud with my boy.

Next time I'll stick to cookie cutter and sliced cheese, not shredded.

Then, we had a very pumpkin spice-y day.

Coffee served by Jack and enjoyed by my little pumpkin spice girl.

And to end the night, some Fall fika, with pumpkin spice latte cake and desserts.

My attempt at something I fell in love with last Fall but was first trimester pregnant and miserable, I gave it a go this year, that adventure detailed here.

So much fun, and my head spins with plans for Halloween and the weeks leading up to it!

Be well,


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